Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't like you because you're not me.


Hahaha. That self-important 1L we hate is complaining about how hard it is going to be to make her final memo short enough.

Oh honey. You're going to have to learn to cut all the excess words. And judging by the amount of talking in the lounge today- there are LOTS of them. Shut up shut up shut up die.

- N



It will be only slightly easier for the 1Ls to cut out those excessive words than it would be for them to make me care less about the 1L's memo problems.

Although, it is good that she's getting a head start on complaining....she'll be doing a lot of that next year when she's not as smart as she thought she was and she can't get a job. Believe me....I know about these things.

- Roommate

You can lead the (stressed-out-unemployed-surly-admin-is-due) 2L to Friday....but you can't make us happy about it. Now you, stop talking, you're getting dumb all over my English muffin.


sarcascio said...

You and your blog make me so happy. That is all.

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