Monday, September 29, 2008

I want a damn Xanax

It is Monday.

Oh my god I'm never getting a job.

I'm screwed. Screwed, screwed, screwed.

The End.

** Update **

Bailout does not pass. CNN tells me this = epic fail. Bailout, no bailout- we are all going to hell in an unemployed hand-basket...."We need to get something done....We need it as soon as possible" is not, it turns out, an actual economic solution. But thanks, Hank P.

We are so f-ed.*

Oy vey. I'm still not getting a job. Its good to know that everyone else is losing theirs too, I guess.

I should have stuck with the Red Cross- my CPR skills are really going to be in demand with all the heart attacks going on up in here.

* Thank But No Thanks: Harbinger of Doom since 2005.


Pickled. said...

Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it! This blogging community is clique-y!

Hope your week gets better.

Nickname unavailable said...

Amen. I'm really looking forward to starting this whole process all over again once my last rejection comes in- have not heard one thing yet from a single callback.

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