Sunday, September 28, 2008

5 Blogs, 5 Bloggers....Pass it on.

I knew someone was listening.

PT-Law Mom read my mind (sending out socially anxious pick-me-pick-me-pick-me vibes) and tagged me for the meme that's been going around. As you may have already adduced, I'm like nothing more than making other people read the things I think are fabulous*, so I've been itching for a chance to spread the love.

Here's the story:
I've got to list 5 non-law blogs that I like. You've got to go read them and like them, too, or I will make fun of you. Then, I tag 5 law bloggers to do the same. Then you read their non-law blog suggestions, too, and before you know it, it's finals week, and you can't remember where your green highlighter went.

Sound good? I knew it!

The Non-Law Bloggers:

1. mimi smartypants: Her page is not as slicked-up as many I've seen, but her writing is personable, hilarious, and exquisitely formed. She has my outlook on grammar (No! Do you have a license for that apostrophe?), great story telling ability, a hilarious daughter, and an abiding love of Schlitz and mischief. I have a creepy blog crush on her. A representative sample:

Do these shadowy pools of sleeplessness under my eyes make me more attractive? Huh? How about the panicky fluttery grogginess, so that I assume the expression of a Very Startled Weasel whenever you try to ask me a question?
2. Rockin' The Schoolhouse: The writings of Funny Mean Friend, frequently cameoed in this very spot. She's a grad student, so there's lots of why-are-you-so-pretentious scoffing, a handful of well-deserved people getting condescended upon, silly students, and occasional forays into the fun that comes with internet dating. She is also high priestess of the snark, and makes a mean Bruised Pear. The tasting menu:
Snarky: The first principle of snarky is as follows: I win. I always win. That is the rule. I am better than you and you and you and you. So there. Snarky may also be phrased thus: You lose. You always lose. Get over it. Still not over it? Why don't you go cut your hair and write me a sad, sad song. Kisses!
3. Go Fug Yourself: Where Snarky comes to play with her tentative friend, Good Natured Concern, and issue ultimatums about leggings. Even for the truly unfashionable among us, a real treat. Don't read in class- you're liable to spit coffee all over the back of that gunner's head. Just the hemline:
So, all appearances to the contrary, there's no way that Kathie Lee's skirt actually ratchets up and down like a fussy bedroom shade, right? I mean, just because her dress appears to be hastily made out of sheets doesn't mean it's THAT authentic.
4. Rex Parker: Rex does the New York Times Crossword every day, and then posts his answer and commentary. In addition to being wicked-smaht, he's quite entertaining to read, and you're sure to gather tidbits about ancient roman conquerors and five letter words for "potato." 45 across, starts with "f"
I am going to blow through this write-up with little regard for truth or justice or human life or the puzzle's feelings. I will, however, occasionally do the puzzle the small courtesy of Looking It In The Eye. I mean, I'm not a contempt-filled old monster. Yet.
5. Marmaduke Explained: Exactly what it sounds like, except that it could be called "Marmaduke greatly improved, and salted with cynicism". Its good. No sample, because you need to get the comic to get the full appreciation for it.

The Law Bloggers: Tag! You're it!
1. No 634: Because I want whatever Jansen's having.
2. Politely Obscene : Because not having any more blog posts is a sad, sad, day for everyone
3. Of Considerable Merritt: Unless the blog's been overtaken by roaches.
4. Lawful Living: Goes well with mac & cheese.
5. War of All Against All: Because if you give me a spiteful giggle, you deserve a tag.

Get to reading, get to tagging! It will be good for you- it's not outline season yet.

* Doubt me? I've lost no less than 4 copies of The Crying of Lot 49 after insisting that no, really, you should just try it. I'm like a grandmother: books are my pie.


no634 said...

I did this already! I was tagged by Against the hypo and NewLawmom! I appreciate the love though!

PT-LawMom said...

Happy to have made your day. :) (I love being tagged, too.) I haven't read any of your non-law list so I'm psyched to go check them out. This really is a great meme!

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