Sunday, June 29, 2008

Law School Roundup #127

Welcome to Thanks, But No Thanks' inaugural session of the Law School Roundup- happy reading!

As we've all learned, law school is an epic- a rambling, painful, occasionally inadvertently hilarious and often draining tale of love, mirth, pain, and Gannon's. And every good tale needs:

A Hero's Challenge: OCI's: more sadistic than previously advertised (Mommy on the Floor)
A Clown: Job Searching gets creative when Wicked Words finds the answer to MotF's dilemma (...Wicked Words...)
A hero in training: Exercises in futility (Divine Angst) and madness (Above Supra) leave our heros shaking their heads at bar exam prep.
An Epic Journey: Voyaging into Career Services is harder than it looks (Legally Numb)
An All-Knowing Oracle: Not everyone believes in ESP (Silly Little Law Student)
A Musical Number: When going through the law school song and dance, some people just can't. Stop. Grooving...Even in the library. (No 634)
A sidekick to travel with: Some travel companions are more welcome than others (think like a woman, act like a man)
A Mystical Potion: If you think thats bad, don't take the apple. (I immediately regret this decision)

...And just for fun: Someone who gets to hear real story tellers (The Namby Pamby goes to court)

Check over at Evan Shaefer's Legal Underground for next week's roundup, and back here again in two weeks.


Googie Baba said...

Hey, thanks for including me.

The Legal Optimist said...

Thanks for all the links! I'll be sure to keep up with you :) If only law school reading could be nearly as fun as blog reading.

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