Monday, June 23, 2008

In Which I Am Sometimes Helpful, But Mostly Concerned About Cheese Cubes

Seeing all the incoming 1Ls fills me with an overwhelming need to dole out (unsolicited) advice.
Thats right- I'll be the 2L with the binder full of OCD outlines, pushing old class notes in the far reaches of the library.

"Just....try one. It'll be fun. Just one Torts outline, for kicks...."* (Fill in the obligatory "Silly rabbit! Borrowed outlines are for kids!" caveat here. Do your own outlines, you will learn more, etc, etc. I'm a pusher, not a taker.)

Regardless, I will still be lurking around in a quasi-predatory manner trying to find some unsuspecting soul to help, like a very friendly super villain.*

Currently, I'm considering throwing out a few of the standard "Advice to 1Ls" tips. Is there anything you want to know, oh Ever-Attentive-Audience? Not-yet-1Ls? Non-lawyers? Those about to lose their loved ones/siblings/casual acquaintances to the abyss that is legal education? Voyeurs?

Look out, world!
The combination of newfound free time, long summer evenings, and happy-hours-for-one on my porch have made me mouthy, and inclined to blog. Oh, and prone to strange metaphors. And rambling. But you didn't notice that, did you?

On a somewhat related note: I'm updating my blog roll this week, slowly. If you want in, tell me so, and I will try to spell it right. I'm especially excited to see you strange creatures from outside the legal blogosphere- I promise to read when I really ought to be working, and not to treat you like circus freaks. Deal? Deal.

An Extra-Special, Extra-Indulgent, Last-Minute Link from Me to You:
Tom Wark writes a wine blog (but don't let that frighten you!), and he has this to say about taking the most out of life, and geometric cheese.
If you don't have the time to link, let me give you this charming quote, straight from the fingers of the good Mr. Wark: " I'm going to die one day and I don't want any possible risk that these cubes might come to my mind for any reason during the run up to that event"

When in doubt, ladies and gents, never forget- we have standards, and cheese cubes don't meet them.

*Is there an outfit for that? There should be. With a cape and a trident!


Jonny said...

I really enjoy your blog,
it's very interesting.
Well feel free to read/comment my blog.
I'd greatly appreciate it.

Laughing said...

Hey! I'm not super well established yet, but I'd love to be included at some point:


Kel said...

I am that cheese cube you refer to and will gladly iron any cape you find so that it's creases make it look as if you're always flying.

I'd love to be added to your blogroll. I'd also love for you to give any thoughts of what a pre-1L could be doing before starting hell.

JaneSmith said...

As a soon-to-be 1L I'd just like to know if there was any advice you were given that you wish you hadn't followed. Thanks!

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