Friday, March 28, 2008

The Prince is Giving a Ball!

Law prom tonight, law prom tonight, the boys are in ties and the girls are in heels, its law prom tonight!

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen: it's true. The one, the only, the social event of the year- Law Prom. Thankfully, we've been preparing for this law school (high school?) right of passage for some time.

It all started on the very first day of school- all the First Day outfits, the awkward sizing up in the hallways. It continued through the soul-crushing and ill-advised social drinking (Networking? Alcoholism? I'm confused), the inevitable 1L hook-ups and ensuing drama, the whispers at the lockers, and that one time the girl that no one likes showed up to Con Law with hickeys all over her neck.

And now- moment of culmination: We shall all get prettied up, gossip about who's going with whom and who's pissed about it, pre-game like the undergrads we still are, deep in our immature lil souls, and get ourselves to Law Prom.

For the non-legal crowd: imagine your own prom. Add glasses, receding hairlines, a terrible sense of humor. Subtract chaperones. Add a mixed drink called "The Tort-tastic." Improve the suits, shorten the hemlines. Shake vigorously. Serve over ice- thats Law Prom!

I heard a rumor about an 80's cover band. Let's all pray THAT dream becomes a reality, shall we? The only thing better than rehashing a not-that-distant youth is rehashing it with Journey.

In true prom fashion, I can only hope that the nerdy girls let their hair down, take off their glasses, and suddenly become rock-solid babes, only to snub the Standardly Hot but Kind of Asinine Jock and give the Sweetly Nerdy But May Grow Up Hot and Successful Adoring Guy Friend a sweet lil peck on the cheek. Then all the Allegedly Hot But Not That Smart or Nice Popular Girls will fall in the punch bowl.

Cue lights, theme song, credits, popcorn, D-list cast (Lets not forget, we're still in law school, folks).

I think I need to find a tiara before tonight. I wonder if my date knows he's going to have to carry a scepter....Someone's gotta be Prom Queen, right?

Sorry about the blogging hiatus, gentle readers. If you think this lack of activity is bad, you should see what I've been doing to my property reading. Love and kisses to all 6 of you!


ManintheMiddle said...

I'm one of your 6 avid readers and I wanted an breakdown of how law prom was... was it everything you hoped for, or was it everything you feared, or were they the same?

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