Monday, March 31, 2008

Noted-Fashion-Photographer, what?

I am a not-that-closet America's Next Top Model fan. Yeah, yeah- cue eyerolling/gasps of empathy and recognition. The thing is- its like crack. I just can't stop. Which is why, now that the last episode has re-aired, I'm going to put this out in the blogosphere:

There was a Challenge for all the little would-be-Tyras to complete (bear with me here).

Challenge prize? Photo session with noted-fashion-photographer-Nigel-Barker (slash hottest-man-candy-ever)

Oh, and- lest you get too giddy- the shoot is one-on-one.

And it is in bed.

And the girl is naked.

I’m sorry…but how on earth does “Grand Prize Cover Girl Contract (you wanna be on top?)” compete with “Spending the day naked, rolling around on a bed, while Nigel Barker-noted-fashion-photographer-man-of-my-dreams gives you his undivided attention?”

The short answer- it doesn't compete. Not at all. Yum.

In other recent news: Am in denial re: my upcoming oral argument. Am hoping to stay in denial until it is over, followed by extensive bouts of amnesia about the whole experience. I am pretty sure I'm bound to be a transactional attorney.


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