Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time Management? That's for undergrads.

Dear Professor Letter of Rec,

Remember what I said about "maturing" and "learning to put school work first"? I promised you that my procrastinating days were over. I said that I had turned over a new leaf.

Gosh. I am so, so, sorry about that. Old dog, new tricks. My bad! Now, its getting late, and I've forgotten everything you've ever taught me about research skills...but hey. Thanks for getting me in here, though. That was super.

Kisses & No-Doz!


I have a brief due tomorrow.*

Or, more appropriately, in about....16 hours. Give or take. Ever the stickler for time management, I am (naturally) blogging.

In light of the looming Brief from Beyond the Crypt, my formerly pretty little world has been upended into a big, dead-tree, color-coded mess, with cases & law review articles everywhere. Originally, they were neatly tabbed in a binder, but then all my crazy came out to play, and I needed to see them all at once. So, there the sit: on the floor, on the chair, on the bookshelf, on the laundry, one taped to the mirror (I AM IMPORTANT. DO NOT FORGET ME), and a healthy sprinkling across the bed.

The bed, at least, is strategic- I theorized that by strewing them all over my lovely comforter & pillows, I could make bed a) less appealing and b) more difficult to sleep on.

You know you're clever when you can outfox yourself, no?

If I'm honest with myself, I may fall asleep in the mess anyway, and wake up with "POLICY" imprinted on my forehead and drool all over my pretty Westlaw printout. At least this way, when I rush out of the house in a late and in a panic tomorrow morning, I will see Law Review Article Number 7 (I AM THE BASIS OF THE OPPOSITION ARGUMENT. READ ME.) taped to the door, and have something to mull over on the ride to school.

Sweet. To the coffee maker!

*Legal Brief: Not actually brief, should be illegal....discuss.


bright eyes said...

my oral argument is monday, and the monday after that the motion brief is due! : ) i'm really really excited. grrr. i hate this classss

PT-LawMom said...

I heart this post. You made me laugh.

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