Friday, January 11, 2008

Whoops, my bad...

Ok, but really- I promise I'll start posting when school starts again.

Roommate tells me I have a package, and loads of mail. Yeah!

Oh wait. Yeah for the package, which almost certainly contains my not-$140 Property book, and boooooooo for the mail, which is my stack o' rejection from the resume drop this fall. Gee, this game is looking uncomfortably familiar. It's almost like applying for law school again, except that firms don't really have to tell you you have a bright future at "other law schools." You know. Ones that aren't as good as us.

Other brief, not-a-real-post commentary:
Went to a coffee shop with the Smart Jock, where we stood in line and were extremely vocally appalled at the rash of engagements going on these days. Interestingly enough, most of our 'class' has avoided this problem, leading me to conjecture that there was something about us that was going to cause us to die cold and alone.

You can laugh, little girl in line, but sometimes this is a legitimate fear. Nobody wants to be eaten by their cats.

Anyway, that reflection cost us about...8 seconds of personal inquiry, before we moved on to the merits of Earl Grey. I will worry about dying cold and alone when I am closer to dying. And when my heater stops working.

Anyway, we concluded that this was a non-issue, as we were naturally lovable, which gave the poor child in line another start. Clearly, she does not interact with grad students very often. Awwww cute little freshman with your cute little Coach purse. You've got so much to learn about how fun snarky is! Come to the dark side.

My "Oh...honey..." Moment: NoDog ripped a toenail off, which doesn't really bother him when there are rabbits, smells, kibble, etc to be had, but somehow becomes a big dramatic problem otherwise. It took 3 of us to pin him down and wrap it, which was quite a comedy of errors in and of itself, and now he's careening around the house on 3 legs like a big brown juggernaut. I'd have more sympathy if I hadn't lost 2 wine glasses and a book (wine soaked) to him already. Poor skippy.

Flying back to Fake Home tomorrow- yeah! Back to the grind (and more blogging).


Quasi-Legal said...

Sorry you have to come back to the world of 10 lbs. books, pasty people, and obnoxiously sweatered arms uncontrollably raising in the air, but I must say I'll be glad to have you back. I've had three days of Con Law with no blogs. Shudder. I actually had to pay attention.

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