Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An uncomfortable flashback? Oh yes.

So, the job search. About that.

Hi, Mom & Dad. Yes, I'm still unemployed. But I was thinking- you know what would be great? Event planning! No, I don't know "what kind of law I want to practice," and no, I don't really want to talk about it....let's talk about event planning!

Really, I feel they ought to pat me on the back for not developing a drug dependency, and call it a day.

Got back to NoSchool a few days ago, where Harbinger of Doom reinstated my previously stifled panic attack re: the summer job search. Tragic, really- I was doing SO well at repressing over the holidays, and now its out again, and a big sticky mess all over my already disastrous law school life.

The post-resume drop pile of "no" letters, which grew so substantial over winter break that they were actually relegated to their very own special box for pickup, was not the most heartening thing to come home to:

Dear Nobody,

Thank you for your letter (Ha! I didn't send one! It was a resume drop! Tricked you again!). Unfortunately, we have lots of 'qualified' and 'successful' applicants, and you are neither of these things.

Think of us next summer, and enjoy Having It Your Way!


The Firm

Unlike the unattainable law school rejection letters (don't get me wrong, I've seen my fair share of those, too, yes-I-mean-you-Harvard), the firms, who are not weighing the prospect of allowing me to give them money, but weighing the prospect of giving me some, do not feel compelled to reassure me as to my imminent future successes. No, they're not sure that I will be accepted to many fine institutions, or that I will be a wonderful legal success elsewhere. And, unlike our good friends at Boalt, they don't even have the heart to let me in momentarily, only to warn me that I should, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, show up to the admitted students event.

Quick & to the point, thats what I always say.

I am working on alternate plans. Try as I might, no one actually wants me as a professional blogger/drinker of wine (is this because of the foul language and bad attitude, or the inconsistency in posting? The world may never know.

In other recent news, class is good, Moot Court has awesome v. awful potential, and Property is so gunnerific I may go postal. But more on that later- as a surprise to no one, I am already behind in my reading. Shocker.


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