Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roommate on interviews

There's a smattering of people walking around in suits today, mostly looking insufferable. Because I am not interviewing today, I am feeling particularly judgy- which is not to say that I am not typically judgy, but I am feeling more judgy than usual.

Thank god for Roommate, who is always on the same page, and only sometimes paying attention in Contracts:

Roommate: you know how consideration means "stuff"?
Nobody: yes, yes I do
Roommate: Today in Contracts, we learned that estopp guessed it....stop
Nobody: hahahhahahahaa. How helpful.
Roommate: I know, right?
Nobody: The AntiGunner got a callback for my WannaBe firm
Nobody:I, naturally, did not
Roommate: already?
Roommate: is it crazy that I would feel validated as long as someone was willing to accept my labor for free?
Nobody: No. Not a bit. I am on board with that as well.
Roommate: also...Things I learned while doing a puzzle in Contracts: "you can't expect not to work and to get the money"
Roommate: it's a class full of little nuggets of knowledge
Roommate: the truth is you can expect to work and not get any money. Yeah public interest!
Nobody:I want that gig...
Nobody: I'm not sure what firm is interviewing today
Nobody: but its all people I don't like
Nobody:so we are going to call them Asshat, Bubbles D. Clown, and Pretentious, LLP
Nobody: and hope they all get jobs there.
Roommate: Yes, well, i'm sure they will, it helps if you're from the area.

Check and check. Are there any firms from "Deeply in need of cookie" interviewing this week?


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