Friday, December 21, 2007

Deep Sigh of Relief? Annnnd........Breathe.

Finals are over. More on that later, when it won't make my brain bleed.

Packed in a foggy, somewhat drunk, and exceedingly tired state last night/into the wee hours this morning. To no one's surprise, I've forgotten my power cord to the wee computer.

To a number of people's surprise, I may have forgotten to pack pants.

Yes. At least I'm wearing some now, right?

It was THAT sort of packing experience. On the plus side, its also possible that I have packed pants, and forgotten something equally essential (see: shoes). Its like a grab bag of fun, right there in my luggage!

Going home, sitting on couch, vegging out for a while. Will emerge on the other side smarter, better looking, wittier, better rested. Maybe nicer, but lets not get our hopes up.


Quasi-Legal said...

Pants and being nice are overrated anyway. Enjoy the break.

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