Monday, December 17, 2007

Correspondance from the Front: Finals Still Not That Fun


Law school is making me fat. I am never hungry, yet constantly eating. I don’t even really want Pringles, but you know, if we had some, I’d eat them all. I will drink white Russians and watch ANTM and try to pretend that its actually next Wednesday night and I have my life back.

- Roommate

No, law school is making you self-loathing, which in turn makes you feel fat. In reality, we are Just Right The Way We Are.

I found my wallet. It was under my laundry. Naturally.

I want it to be next Weds, except that means that the horrible sense of foreboding will be replaced by foreclosure and failure. Yeaaah. Funny, they all start with Fs.

I’m f-ed.


One step at a time, one step at a time.


Mia said...

I recall reading a poster that had as it's slogan "Remember: fun and failure both start out the same way."

Well, poster, television programme, something like that.

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