Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Academic Planning with Roommate: Pringles Recommended.

Ensconced among the stacks, its nearly impossible to keep track of time, and I'm beginning to feel even more disconnected from the outside world.

Also, am beginning to smell like musty old books and bad 70's furniture. Gross.

On the plus side, I have Roommate to email incessantly, the better to distract her and keep me entertained. In a standard 1L right of passage, we've flung out our ill-fated plans of making law review and being wildly successful out the window (awww. Its like when I learned there was no Santa Claus. Tear.)

I mean. Really. Who does that, anyway?

Roommate: Amazingly, i feel that I've done nothing, but also that I'm so much farther along than I was yesterday
Nobody: Well thats a crazy little law school paradox, isn't it?
Nobody: We live in the twilight zone of productivity
Roommate: It's like, 1/2 the work is organizational.
Nobody: Yeah. Am compelled to make the post-it wall again. This is a life dream that I will someday accomplish.
Roommate: I have a new system of organization.
Nobody: Is it: throw everything in the air and eat a pringle? Because thats mine.
Roommate: My ideas are color coded....Also, i thought i hated citing cases. No, i hate citing statutes.
Nobody: haha. Yes. Bluuuuuuebook fun. This is why we don't really want to make law review. Roommate: But we could get so good at it
Nobody: We could get good at it, and be so pretty and clever. People on law review are notoriously unattractive.
Nobody: It is because they never go outside. Because they are trying to make law review Nobody: Little do they know our clever plan to join exercise classes and sit by windows. Its LIKE being outside without actually going there.
Roommate: have to keep making law review after you're already ON law review?
Nobody: Oh. Excellent point. We could be pretty now and clever later. That is a much more reasonable plan.
Roommate: Done.

Probably going to need a pringle soon. Regrettably, the library gestapo have been chasing all goodies out of here. Tragic.


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