Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Memo #7: Check Yes or No?

Dear Three Blind Mice,

I know the library is very crowded at this time of year. And clearly, the prospect of being separated must be truly terrifying to you. I know you survive best in the herd environment. However: is it really necessary to sit shoulder to shoulder, three-across, at the library study tables? Shocking as this may be, they put two chairs on each side for a reason. There’s only so much Paris-Hilton-meets-Elle-Woods-meets-Mother-in-Law style that one table can handle before it becomes unbalanced (like me).

Littlest mouse, I love how you sit in the middle with pursed lips and a vapid stare, supping on your Diet Coke and attempting to keep your heavy eyeliner from bringing your lids crashing down into sleep. You’re clearly the leader of the pack, as your neighbors seem to be more or less interchangeable.

Did you miss junior high, or were you just getting separation anxiety? While I’m glad you’re BFF’s, the rustling of your note passing reminds me of the leaves outside (which I may never get to see again), and the stacks of papers I still need to read, and also, the fact that I sort of loathe you.

You look squished. Can I pull you up a chair? There’s a spot next to me. We’d be great friends.

Also: The note passing? I’d recommend gchat. Its faster.





Quasi-Legal said...

What is it with the Cling-on groupies that LS has birthed?? I can't wait till they all start having torrid affairs with the others' boyfriends. It is sure to result in at least 2.5 public scenes involving throwing of notebooks and being sent to the Dean's office. Unfortunately, I have my own Three Blind Mice to deal with, and, as recently posted, they've taken to coming to MY coffee shop.
P.S. Thanks for the crack in a cup tip!! = my undying affection.

Silly Little Law Student said...

I wish I could say that this ridiculousness goes away.... but it doesn't. I suggest studying at Starbucks or B&N instead. Just get out of the lawbrary clusterfuck nonsense during finals.

ariesvirgo said...

If they follow the pattern of others in the same school, they'll hit the rocks anywhere from the middle to the end of 2L year, and won't be speaking to each other by
3L year.

What is it about law school that makes people (especially girls) revert to junior high behaviors?

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