Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Natives are Restless

I'm a neglectful blogger.

Outlining season has descended upon the 1L class like a ton of bricks- after being exhorted constantly to maintain good notes, do all our reading, etc (and, correspondingly, pretending to do all these things, while really just stressing about them while nursing our hangovers), the class as a whole appears to have jumped onto the outlining bandwagon. It is amazing what the scare tactics of professors can accomplish.

Outlining is (shockingly enough) not my new favorite thing to do, although it does have some redeeming factors. Criminal law makes worlds more sense on a second pass, and, while Civ Pro is still boring, it is now boring & color-coded. I refuse to let law school stifle my creative urges- I will use my highlighters in new & interesting ways.

With the opening of outlining season, this semesters slackers and hard workers are starting to fall into place in a more noticeable fashion. There's "Hey Do You Have The Notes" guy, there's "I Spent the Weekend Re-Reading My Torts Book- Cover to Cover" guy, there's the girl who flirts her way into everyone else's outlines (Oh honey, you don't want HIS outline). Slowly but surely, we're getting it done. Because we're all the awkward position of not actually knowing anything at all, there's a certain amount of neurosis that runs through the class, which I am sure will only increase as finals draw nearer and the weather gets colder.

Constantly repeating the mantra "What works for you may not work for me" is somewhat reassuring, but I think most of us are walking around with the sneaking suspicion that everyone else knows more than we do. In some cases, Kid Who Talks and The Whole Class Grumbles, this suspicion may be correct. You should stop.

We have started to descend into the part of law school everyone warned us about. Still relatively young and naive, we believe in a light at the end of the tunnel, but sitting in the library for an afternoon is like watching hope die right in front of you. The shoulders slump, the nervous questions begin, the shifty eyes start to drift...believe me, buddy, my notes won't help you much either.

Also, the terrified moochers have come out. Not to be a bitch,* but if you admittedly didn't do the reading, and get called on, and fake your way through it, and then refuse to do the reading after the fact- don't have the gall to ask me for my notes. Especially if you're already kind of an ass. I didn't do the reading either, and I'm not interested in doing your work for you. I may be a notorious note-sharer, but I am not a mooching enabler, and I only give to those who are already contributing to society. Oops. Not so much, DeadWeight. I've got to get through law school, too, you know.

In other recent news, California has not yet fallen into the sea, although I am considering purchasing land in Nevada. Oceanfront property!

* "Not to be a bitch, but..." should be my byline. Maybe a shirt, so the public is warned in advance? Sort of a paradox, as I do, in fact mean to be a bitch. You brought it on yourself.


C. said...

1L here. I laughed my way through your post. Finishing up my first year, so I feel your pain, I still have no clue. They tell me it gets better, if it does, let me know ;)

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