Sunday, September 30, 2007

Law School: Like pregnancy, but with a better paycheck

While I was complaining about class today to The Diplomat, she explained to me her justifications for my recent (extremely erratic) behavior: like pregnancy, all strange mood swings, inexplicable urges, idiosyncrasies and oscillations of character can be explained away with a one liner:

"Its ok, I'm in Law School."
Her rationale is that all law students get a 3 year pass to crazytown, redeemable upon your first tuition payment.

The Diplomat & The Socialite are exceedingly understanding about my law school inspired crazies, having already experienced my LSAT & application-inspired crazies, which were a beast of an entirely more frightening color.

I have to admit, The Diplomat does have a somewhat compelling point on the face of it.
Law School, like child rearing, may make you at risk of becoming:
a) Fat
b) Hating people
c) Bitter
d) Deeply in debt.
Aside: Apologies to the well-adjusted reader, who does not share my preternatural fear of babies. You, being well-adjusted, probably won't react with the bitter vehemence/fatness that I do to such frightening propositions. Cookies for you, and extra cookies for me, just so I can get by.

On the plus side, children rarely start paying you back for your troubles in 3 years. On the down side, you have a fair chance of getting children to go away after 18 years, but you'll always have to live with the reality of yourself as a lawyer.


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