Tuesday, September 11, 2007

High maintenance, what?

Got antsy in the library today, so I went to the on-campus Starbucks to fill up on productivity/cookies/goodness. The line was quite long, but there were several people ahead of me who ordered things extra-hot and the like, and the baristas seemed very on the ball.

Me: Hi. I’d like a two-pump vanilla quad extra dry cappuccino, extra hot. And a cookie.
Coffee-Girl: ….A cappuccino? With an extra shot?
Me: ...I’d like 4 shots. In a grande cup.
Coffee-Girl: Oh. Non-fat?
Me: Oh god, no. Full fat. (Chose to take that one as a question, not a suggestion)
Coffee Girl: Grande Cappucino!
Me: …Wait, no, there's more! I’m almost there, I swear. Two pumps of vanilla, 4 shots of espresso, lots of foam. Cappucino. Extra hot.
Coffee-Girl: ...…Really?
Me: I’m in law school.

It's true, I am. I can't help myself.

I realize that my high maintenance drinking habit may make me the bane of food service personnel everywhere: I do always tip, however, and am duly worshipful of the foam-enabled.
I could make it easier on them by ordering my other favorite, always delivered to new coffee-making friends in the same way:
"Don't laugh. I'd like a grande cup. Put 4 shots of espresso in it, and then fill it to the top with whipped cream. Thanks!"

There is a name for this concoction, besides "Heaven": Doppia con panna. However, only my very favorite coffee-friends know it, and rather than risk the bastardization of my extra-special treat, I tend to describe it in detail instead.

The unfortunate part of my mid-afternoon coffee run was the discovery of a Very Bad Thing: Having subsisted for the last month on press coffee, I had nearly forgotten the all-powerful allure of a good cup of espresso (no credit to Starbucks, really, for good espresso, but you take what you can get). Infused with magic, foam, and goodness now, I fear that when I wake up tomorrow, piping hot press coffee just won't have the same kick....planning on shopping for espresso makers instead of listening in Torts tomorrow morning. Awesome.


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