Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bar Review!

Went out with the partners-in-crime last night, who taught me a drinking game during our ritual pre-gaming. As it happens, I am bad at drinking games. So bad, in fact, that bar "review" became more of a "crash course" for me.

Roommate and I, being the group mascots, got to be the center of attention for a while, which was nice...A highlight of the evening, though, was the following enlightened conversation:

Very Drunk Nobody:
That girl is wearing a party hat! With sparkles!
Drunk Roommate: Favorite Gunner, why is that girl wearing a party hat?
Gunner: I don't know.
Drunky Drunk: It is not ok to wear that hat with those boobs.
Gunner: Oh. No?
Drunk Roommate: She's wearing that hat because she's a WHORE.
Drunky Drunk:(giggles)
Gunner: A whore, huh? You're probably right.
Drunk Roommate: Yes! WHORE! Also, if she is hotter than us, she's definitely a whore.
Gunner: No one is hotter than you two. (Good answer, buddy)
Drunky Drunk
: .....High five for whores!

And.....check. More time with the Civil Procedure reading, less time with sparkly hats & whores.


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-- Emily Dickinson