Thursday, August 30, 2007

The First Rule of Criminal Law

In a highlighter & mortification filled week, I've picked up the following nuggets:

1. The first rule of criminal law: If someone is going to jail, make sure that it is not you.
Check and check. Jail- no.

2. Nutella on saltines = heaven.
Nutella in coffee = not as good as you'd think, unfortunately.

3. "Children are retarded, suicidal midgets."
Informed by an experienced and authoritative expert on the subject, so it must be true.

I have failed to pick up: the pace, a library card, my room, or a dining room table. Maybe next week. As it is, we've developed a somewhat sadistic little system to compensate for our lack of furniture: the mantle has 4 stacks. Roommate & I each have 2: one "to do" and one "done." Currently, my "to do" pile is looming ominously over my "done" pile- Torts & Civil Procedure are imposing buggers when stacked in succession.

I have not been mean to a single person this week, though I did chuckle somewhat gleefully when the boy who made fun of me got outed for not doing his reading. This, frankly, shows remarkable self-restraint, or lack of stress, on my part. I don't really recognize myself without the snarky.

In other related news: I bought myself a subscription here, and it may just be the death of me. Turns out, you can actually do the things on my tablet. Lord have mercy on my GPA!

Speaking of which: Secretly planning on making law review, by virtue of being extra special and smart. Not sure how thats going to work out for me, prospects seem dubious. Believe it or not, "special" is not a qualifier they allow on resumes these days.

Really lusting after a cold draft beer & some wings. Maybe tonight.


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