Monday, December 18, 2006

Another thing I'm not qualified to do

I went to a job interview today. Applying for jobs is awkward for me, since I walk in knowing I won't be around for longer than a few months. Moreover, although I have a lot of work experience, its not terribly diverse.
Unlike the interview from hell I went to several weeks ago, however, I actually enjoyed my time at this one. I really hit it off with the people who interviewed me, and I think I'm pretty well qualified to do the work. Moreover, its different than both the retail positions and the office work I've been looking at lately, and its only part time for the next few months, so I have time to actually have my year off. It lasted an hour, including a rather intimidating interlude where I had to 'sell' a property to my would-be supervisor- but, again, I majored in bullshit, so it worked out ok. If I've gained anything in the last few months of half-hearted job searching, its the knowledge that:
a) My resume is better than yours, even if I don't actually have 'skills'
b) If I just keep smiling, they'll probably give me the job.
Because it was a temporary position, it was very refreshing to be totally frank about my commitment to the program. No, I won't be here in 6 months. If I am, kick me.

In other news, cold snap today- spent all day (minus interview) in my lovely new down coat. Mmmm. Best gift ever.


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