Sunday, January 01, 2006

And you thought you'd escaped me...

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, it appears that I am going to be a lawyer.
In August of 2005, I bit the bullet and decided to apply to law school. A few short months later (and with somewhat "limited" preparation), I took the December LSAT, slapped together some applications, and sold my soul to LSAC in order to afford the carpet-bombing application method which I insisted upon employing.

During the application process, I got sucked into the online world that is and don't recommend these for anyone who doesn't have free time to kill, however, they've provided a nice outlet and source of neurosis for me for the past few months, so it seems only fair to give them a nod.
I've decided to dump my random LSN/LSD ramblings from the hair-raising process of applying here. In the interest in time and backstory, I'll probably just be copying and pasting the trials and errors of last year's by-the-seat of my pants application process for law school.

As I type this today, I have just officially deferred my admission for next year in the interest of working, and (potentially), retaking the LSAT and applying again next year. We shall see.

In the meantime, for your entertainment and enjoyment, here is what I think. And also what I rant about.


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