Friday, July 07, 2006

The Final Score

A smattering of the 2005 Chiasu odds (with results):
Indiana....92% (IN, with $$$$)
UC Davis....57%, "refuses to even LOOK at your application" (IN, 12 hours before admit day, which is how I know they like me)
Minnesota.....75.4% (IN, with $$)
Notre Dame....46.3% (IN, with $$$)
George Washington....32.3% (OUT, with 'no compliments to my mother')
William & Mary....32% (WAITLIST...well, la de dah.)
Georgetown....20.8% (! No, we were looking at your friend.)
Michigan....21% "we only love you for your LSAT" (OUT...didn't like the LSAT that much, apparently)
Northwestern....20.6% (OUT....that will teach you not to interview, won't it?)
USC....17.7% ( late May? Really guys? C'mon now.)
UVA....12.9% (WAITLIST...What?!?! Awesome)
UPenn....10.6%, "if we ignore you, will you go away?" (OUT....GO AWAY)
UCLA....10.6% (WAITLIST...just another really cool shot in the dark)
Chicago (Not Kent)....10.4% "roll the dice and hope for a confused adcomm" (OUT...We are Chicago, we can't be fooled!)
Columbia....5.8%"wouldn't even let you buy us a drink" (Ummm, NO)
Boalt.....2.9%, or (OUT, but we can still be friends. AND, if I want to send them more money next year, thats ok too)
Harvard....1.2%, or "Not even if you bought the library" ( count, 3 months and 2 days. I win)
Stanford....0.44%, or "We're rejecting anyone even associated with you" (OUT...don't tell 'em you know me)

Big movers n' shakers with the new Chiasu data:
Down: UVA, UPenn, UMich, GW, GULC
Up: Harvard, Minnesota, Notre Dame
this did not bode well for my chances at GULC. On the plus side, I'm over 1% at Harvard now. Wooohoo!

It should be noted that Harvard took nearly 4 months to reject me. I think I get a cookie for that.


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