Monday, March 13, 2006

Updates from the Application Front #3: If Law School Doesn't Kill Me, Something Else Probably Will.

Dear Law Schools,
Its my birthday, so you can't reject me. Mwhahhahaah. I win. Try again tomorrow.

I have walking pneumonia!! I should get a prize...its like I'm Tiny Tim or something.

First rejection today! Sort of an unexpected one, but nevertheless, finally got that elusive UMinn envelope, with some $$ attached.

03/02/06: Partyguy has an amazing singing voice!
4:02pm- WHERE is the mail?! I refuse to move on with my day without it.


03/03/06: Law School Discussion is down and I'm home sick.....noooooooooooooo. What now, turn to the facebook?


03/06/06: Actually, there's NOT more to me than the numbers. In case you were wondering.


03/07/06: Ok, Harvard, Stanford, and the rest of you over-achievers. At least some of you KNOW that you don't want me, so why are you hanging around? I'm starting to fixate on the complete and utter lack of news, and its really starting to make me crazy. Lets move on folks- you and I both know that even ridiculously sexy EC's won't help you to get over my GPA. Its not you, its me- move along, folks, move along.


I decided NOT to visit ND and MN- didn't have the $$ and couldn't afford to spend the time away from all my commitments here. I know they are cold and I will be spending an inordinate amounts of time in the library, so that is that. Still no clear front-runner.
HEY! I finally actually LOOKED at the graphs for the schools I've been accepted to, and I'm very much on the fringe there as well. That makes me feels loads better. Don't say it...

LATER: I just wasted an entire morning on LSN/LSD. Theses and the like do not, actually, get written by themselves, as I have discovered. I am taking a 3 day vacation from the internet. If anyone finds me huddled, unwashed, and shaking in a corner somewhere, we'll know that quitting cold turkey is not for the faint of heart. First step is recognition.


3/10/06: Out at Boalt, which, much to my mother's suprise, is NOT Davis' law school. They let me down nice and gently, though (I think after the email incident, a gentle rejection is OWED, after all), and had the good taste not to say "Your GPA sucks and we hate you. Go away."
Impeccable restraint, Mr. Tom.


The Pendulum swings....
Its a good thing Notre Dame insists on carpet bombing my mailbox with letters every few days, to keep up my self esteem.
Out at Stanford today- I'm going to go ahead and consider it an achievement that I made it all the way to March. They informed me that lots of their rejects are admitted to top law schools, etc: I can only hope they've passed the word along to those other alleged 'top schools'- O.K. guys, time to pick up Stanford's slack!


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