Monday, February 27, 2006

Updates from the Application Front #2: February is Cold, and Breeds Neurosis

02/16/06: I seem to have made it through Stanford's 1st round of rejections- a dubious honor due mostly to the fact that my complete date is later than most.
I'm withdrawing from Indiana- here's to someone else using my cash. Good luck all IUB applicants!


02/21/06: during my SECOND bought of flu this season, I came to the realization that my personal statement was neither interesting nor compelling, and was probably written on the wrong topic.
CNN email alerts are making me crazy..."oh look new mail!!..............oh."


******THE NEW RULES******
1. Cannot check e-mail more than once every 15 minutes, even at work.
2. Cannot check real mail until mailman has left the porch. Stop stalking him.
3. Cannot subject roommates to more than 1 rendition of "what are my chances at the following schools" per day
4. Do not check LSN more than twice daily. Do not check LSD more than three times daily.
5. Do not discuss law school with anyone whose first and last name you do not know (excepting fellow sufferers). Strangers are not interested in your endeavors.
5. For every time you break a rule, put a dollar in the "law jar." In August, use contents to buy a new coffee maker.


02/27/06: Now we wait. Not lurking next to the mailbox, promise.
Realized in talking to a peer (admitted to Boalt, the jerk) that Notre Dame has no logical reason for admitting me at all. They W/L'ed him, which leads me to believe their admission process is something like my alma mater's favorite game: Bovine Bingo.
step 1: feed cow heavily
step 2: turn cow loose on giant bingo board/applications
step 3: scatological evaluation ensues
The moral of the story is that sometimes, admissions stinks- and this is A-OK by me. Go Knute!


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