Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Updates from the Application Front #1: In Which Life is Still Hopeful & Shiny

1/25/2006: Its like I can't control myself- with every piece of law school advertising, every time I log on to the computer..."hmmm: should I apply there? I still have a few weeks"...Just. Stop. Sending. Them. Your. Money. Be strong.


02/02/06: In! Got a handy chunk o' change from Notre Dame - this leaves me optimistic at times, and at times terrified of the proverbial other shoe dropping...hm.


02/06/06 In @ Indiana! 2 for two...this may be the last good news for a while. Oh well. Options!


phone call from mom:
MOM: "Honey, you've got a big package in the mail from Chicago!"
ME: (hyperventilating- WTF?!) "Oh my gosh!! Open it open it open it!"
MOM: "its a viewbook...they want you to apply!!"

*****long silence******

ME: "Mom. Can you look at that envelope again? Does it say Chicago, or Chicago-Kent?"
MOM: "oh. Sorry honey...So, are you going to apply?"


02/08/06: $$ from Indiana. Oh Indiana- why are you so nice to me? I'm not a good friend...


02/14/06: Love for me on V-Day!
Call from MN.
Harvard: could you please send my rejection over? This is starting to get a little eerie...


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