Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Application Cycle Begins!

Applied to the top 30ish schools- whoosh! Quite an expensive little endeavor, I must say. My GPA is on an 'upswing', LSAT is lower than I expected. C'est la vie - I'd be delighted to attend any of these schools. If I don't get in, well...I'll do something else then. Elephant trainer, maybe?

That said, I'm E-baying my kidney to pay for application fees. Any takers?

Apparently, I like Harvard and Stanford so much I decided to just give them money with no hope of return. Maybe those application fees will go on to fund some better-qualified student's scholarship? Karma, baby.

Maybe its just paying for all those "HLS" t-shirts they've been sending out.


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-- Emily Dickinson