Friday, February 10, 2012

Oh hey there.

I passed the bar.
I started work.
I got married.
We bought a house.
And a puppy. (PUPPY!)

...and, my bloggy friends, I've kept you up to speed on exactly none of it (and I have so, so many things to say, as you well know). It may be high time for my [anti-climatic] return to blogging, no?

I must think on it a little while. In the meantime, interwebz, I hope you know that I am still just inordinately pleased with myself and this little space...I'm just trying to sort out how to make it fit my life in 2012.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

This name appears on the pass list

(that is all for now)

Friday, November 19, 2010

From out of the ether

California Bar results come out at 6pm today, folks.
Obviously, I'm so nervous I could vomit.

Here's a piece of advice for all of you young 'uns: If you are consumed by anxiety before the bar results come out, medicating with wine might seem like the answer. And it is a great answer, at the time. The trouble comes along about the same time your alarm clock does, and heaves itself like the big ugly mess of hangover that it is right on top of your morning.

Gross. Because waiting for results didn't make me want to throw up anyway.

Further blogging to follow, when I am in a better physical, mental, and emotional state. I'm trying to get my head around all the feelings that are swirling around right now, if for nothing else, then at least to get a decent blog post out of it.

Until then, yours in the paralyzing fear of failure,


Saturday, November 06, 2010

Law School Roundup #245 which I return from hibernation.
Seriously, guys, I'm sorry. I fell off the face of the blogging earth. I will come back, and with updates---promise. Just not today. But I promise to make an effort.

On that note, Evan Schaeffer and I are looking for a witty, charming, responsible and altogether fantastic person to start hosting the bi-weekly lawschool roundup. Is that you? Are you sure? Fame, accolades, and absolutely no monetary rewards will surely follow.

Your much delayed Law School Roundup, with love, from me (the Oct 25-Nov 1 edition):

Real Life: And Southie. And murder trials. (oh hay its kk)

Swimming with fishes: On goldfish care (Surviving Law School as a Single Mom)

The 99: You know. Islam. Superheros. Standard Tuesday. (The Reasonably Prudent Law Student)

Back When: Nostalgia for studenthoods past (New Kid on the Hallway)

Beep: Metal detectors, now for the general public (Exhibit L)

In this day and age: Scary cause its true (Luke Gilman)

Full Service: Clients are awesome (Paralegal Hell)

Finally, if you are a new law school blogger, and you're feeling neglected: do email me, and I'll gladly add you to the blogroll. Welcome to the club!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Law School Roundup #241

Welcome to this week's collection of posts from law students current, aspiring, and recovering.
Without further ado:

The tracks of life (The JE Guide to Life)

Doncha Know: On passive-aggression, and Minnesotans (Surviving Law School as a Single Mom)

Numbers: Money and law school rankings (Really? Law?)

Why? Law school applications and the Onion (Law is Cool)

Americana: And they say life's not just a day at the fair. (A Fairly Typical Account)

Sick and Tired: Other people's competency is appalling (Paralegal Hell)

Intense: Sitting in on your first murder trial (JD? Maybe)

Running: A warning to the youth of America (oh hay its kk)

Lessons: Reflecting on the first few weeks of law school (Legally Questionable Content)

Getting to Know You: Personalities in the Contracts class (Like Falling off a Blawg)

Look for next week's roundup at the Beyond the Underground, and then back here again in 2 weeks. Happy reading!



Monday, August 30, 2010

Law School Roundup #239

Hi all:
This week's Roundup is up over at Beyond the Underground. Look for it here next week, when I might actually have my life in order. Miss you, Internetz!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Law School Roundup #237

Holy crap guys, I suck.
I apologize for the way I went totally off the grid this week. There's no exciting explanation for it (and mercifully, no tragic one, either), but I completely fell down on the job. I deeply apologize. And Evan? When I find where I stashed my new email password, I will totally email you a real apology.
(word to the wise: changing passwords in your post-bar fugue state? Not a good call.)

If any of you have emailed me in the last few weeks, I have not gotten it. I am not ignoring you. I am not dead. I am just an idiot.

Law School Roundup for the week of Aug 2-7. I haz it. Gah. See it over at Beyond the Underground, with the ever-timely Evan, in like 2 days.

Hell's Kitchen: At least you know the food is hot? (Legal Ease)
MPRE: The key is to pick the second most ethical answer (Tales of a Tree Hugging Aspiring 3L)
Orientation: A sample schedule, and what to expect (law:/dev/null)
Reflections on lawyers from one just beginning (Down the Rabbit Hole)
In bed: Thoughts on net neutrality (Laura Bergus)
Totally prepared for life post-bar (Legally Fabulous)
Still Breathing:
Life after the bar exam (Paragon 2 Pieces)
Numbers: US News & HBCU (Reconstructing Law School)
Signs: View from the road (dogsburger)
Sliders: Hell is other people...on public transit (oh hay its kk)
Home: It's a strange place (Virgin in the Volcano)

Ok. More later. Promise.

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